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What goes down the drain doesn’t always necessarily disappear forever. While it might seem like an easy place to dispose of everyday unwanted items, the drains that lead wastewater out of your home are highly susceptible to developing clogs. As the go-to local plumber in Naples, FL, AIM Plumbing encourages you to keep the following items away from your drains to avoid slow drainage and stubborn blockages.

Grease or Cooking Oil

Greasy clogs are one of the leading causes of people needing to call for professional plumbing and drain cleaning assistance. While hot grease might appear like any other liquid, it quickly becomes solid once it cools down. You’ll also want to avoid putting greasy foods down the drain, including mayonnaise and butter.

Produce Stickers

Stickers are made from paper, plastic, and adhesives that don’t always break down when exposed to water. They’re also easy to forget to remove when you’re eager to wash an apple for lunch. You might think these are nothing to worry about since they’re small, but they can quickly cause a clog if they accumulate in your drain. Removing stickers before you wash your produce helps you avoid having to contact a plumbing company for a sudden clog.

Household Chemicals

The off-the-shelf household cleaners you pour down the drain can enter the water supply. They also contain corrosive chemicals that can cause the materials in the pipelines to break down. Stick to only using cleaners designed for the fixtures, and look for designated disposal locations in your community to safely get rid of any leftovers.

Hygiene Products

Unfortunately, those ‘flushable’ wipes are not exactly what they claim to be. Even after being exposed to water, these wipes don’t break down like toilet paper and can clump together in your pipes. Feminine hygiene products are the same, and these can be the reason you require plumbing repairs. As a general rule, remember that only toilet paper (an adequate amount) should go down the drain.

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