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Running toilet

Like other plumbing structures, toilets often experience issues, and the biggest dilemma is whether they need replacement or repair. Sometimes plumbing repairs suffice, saving you time and money you would have used in replacing. Below are the instances where repairing and replacing are necessary, according to our experts at AIM Plumbing LLC.

When to Repair

Minor Clogs

Toilet clogs could result from flushing non-flushable items or mineral buildup. Homeowners can fix minor clogs using a plunger or call a plumbing company to unclog them using drain snakes.

Constant Running

Water is supposed to flow from the tank only after flushing. However, an issue with the flapper valve, fill valve, or calcium buildup can make the water run constantly. Plumbing professionals can fix this by replacing worn-out pieces or cleaning the pipes.

When to Replace

Cracked Toilet

A crack in the toilet porcelain–even a hairline crack–compromises the toilet’s structural integrity and our professionals advise against just repairing them. The cracks could become wider over time, resulting in significant leaks.

Frequent Repairs

Homeowners who always have to repair the fill valves, flappers, handles, or other toilet parts should consider getting a new one. This will save money and time in the long run and eliminate the need for regular emergency plumbing.

Frequent Clogs

While it is normal for toilets to experience clogs, experiencing them every week or after two weeks is a sign to replace the toilet.

The Whole Toilet Shifts or Wobbles

This could happen because of a sagging floor, a broken flange, or a worn-out toilet wax seal. Repairing any of these issues could be more expensive or less effective than replacing the toilet.

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